Kofu-Makuiwa 06/28/2017 甲府幕岩

Kofu-makuiwa is a crag located in Yamanashi Prefecture, there are three access roads but they might be hard to find, and often closed due to road work, falling rocks, or landslides. Rock there is made from tuffstone, the wall is steep or vertical, with crimps and tiny footholds. It’s a popular crag and very crowded on weekends. Too cold to climb in the winter.


I took a commercial climbing class. It was a weekday, and it was raining (sprinkling) on and off, so we were the only group climbing there.

(all top-roped)

Yellow Mountain 5.9

Nabe-chan 5.8

Kinomi ga Ippai (Lots of Nuts) 10c

Doubutsu ga Ippai (Lots of Animals) 10b

Pirika (meaning Beautiful in Ainu language) 10c



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