Onigatake+Oudake 09/15/2017 鬼が岳王岳

In September, we found one day when the weather is likely to be okay for hiking, and rushed to the foot of the mountain the night before. We decided to link two mountains—Onigatake(1738m) and Oudake(1623m). Total course time is a little over 6 hours, so it should be an easy hike.


The trailhead is near Saiko (West Lake), one of the 5 Fuji Lakes. There are many mountains at the base of Mount Fuji, and you can enjoy breathtaking view of Mount Fuji from those small mountains. People say  “Mount Fuji is not a mountain to climb, but a mountain to watch.” “If you climb Mount Fuji once, that is enough.” I tend to agree!


Anyway, we spent the night at the parking lot in Nenba, and started walking at 7:00 in the morning. First we walked in evergreen forest, then Japanese beech forest, and soon we arrived at Settogatake peak where we could clearly see Mount Fuji. Now the strenuous part is over, and from there to Oudake the trail is along the ridge line, with some ups and downs.


I did not expect to see so many flowers. In the autumn, most of the mountain flowers are blue, although they tend to be yellow in the spring and early summer. I wonder whey? I have not seen this many TORIKABUTO flowers (Aconite, deadly poisonous) in my life. We also saw various mushrooms, but they did not look like edible ones.



The trail had some ladders and fixed ropes, but mostly it was easy and safe. Descent from Oudake was quite steep in the beginning, but it did not last long. We came back to the parking around 14:30.






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