Kurokawa-Keikansan 09/23/2017 黒川鶏冠山

Kurokawa-Keikansan is not so famous, located behind the Daibosatsu-Rei mountain in Yamanashi Prefecture. The reason I chose this mountain was because it meets two conditions I had to satisfy: a mountain accessible with a public transportation (train and bus), and the total course time shorter than 6 hours. With this plan, I could lure one of my hiking partners to come along with me.


So, Saturday September 23 (Autumnal Equinox Day), we went to Enzan station via Chuo Line, and took a bus to Ochiai from there. There are two main trails to Kurokawa-Keikansan peak: one is from Yanagisawa-pass and another from Ochiai. I decided to climb from Ochiai as recommended by my guidebook, but the bus fare was high (1,100 yen), the road began to descend from Yanagisawa-pass all the way to Ochiai, and there was no public toilet in Ochiai. I felt I made a bad choice.


Near the Ochiai bus station, we found the way leading to the mountain. At 9:40AM, we began walking.


It was the northside of the mountain, rather dark, and we saw a lot of beautiful moss on the trees and rocks. We came to a crossroad where the trail is branching to the left, Keikan-san, and we followed it. In 15 minutes, we arrived at the peak, which was on top of a big rock and a little dangerous. One side was a sharp drop-off, and I tried to see the bottom, but I could not see it. As we were in a hurry, we went back to the junction, and went on to Kurokawa-san. Kurokawasan and Keikansan are two different peaks, but they combine them into one name and count it as one mountain.


Kurokawa-san was a triangulation point in the bush with no sign post. Nearby was a lookout, which was higher, but there was no sign post there either. We had a quick lunch near the lookout.


At 13:00 we began to descend, and took a very nice and easy trail to Yanagisawa pass. We arrived at the pass at 15:05, and we could catch 15:40 bus (the last bus of the day!) to Enzan station, saving 300-yen bus fare.





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