Kurikomayama 栗駒山 10/02/2017

We were in a hurry. Before the red and yellow leaves turn brown and gray, we wanted to see the supposedly most beautiful autumn leaves in Kurikomayama in Miyagi Prefecture.



So, after climbing 20 pitches in Ogawayama, we put all the luggage in my car. Then we went to a public bath nearby to refresh ourselves, had a quick dinner there, and headed to the north. I fell asleep in the front seat. But Sue kept driving at xxx kilometers per hour, covered 500 km, and we arrived at a Michi-no-eki (a small mall for automobiles) at around 3 o’clock in the morning. We slept there for a few hours, woke up at 6, had a breakfast, and drove another 100 kilometers to Iwakagami-daira parking, which is at the hillside (1,113m above sea level) of Kurikomayama(1,627m).



Kurikomayama has 9 different trails leading to the summit. We chose a short and easy loop trail, about 90 minutes going up (East-Kurikoma course) and 70 minutes going down(Central course). We started walking at 9AM. The trail was like a stream channel, soft and muddy. Then we came across a beautiful river. After crossing the river, the trail became less wet, and the view was superb.



The autumn leaves were not as breath-taking as I wished. Maybe sunlight was insufficient during the summer. Still we enjoyed this short hiking. We came back to the parking at 14:00.




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