Yasuno-taki waterfall in Moriyoshizan  森吉山の安の滝 10/04/2017

After Kurikomayama hiking, we stayed overnight in the area. The next day (Oct. 3) was a travel/rest day because the weather was not good enough. We drove a few hundred kilometers to Moriyoshizan in Kita-Akita City,Akita Prefecture. We camped in Oyako-Camp site (well-equipped camp site, free of charge), planning to visit Akamizu-Keikoku (gorge) the next day.



Next morning, as we were just about to leave the camp site, it started to rain. We changed our plan and went to see waterfalls in the opposite side of Moriyoshizan. We drove the dirt road and hiked for one hour to see Ichino-taki(first waterfall), Nino-taki(second waterfall), and Kobeeno-taki. The path was not well trodden, we had to cross streams several times and I felt a little uneasy about going further. After the 2nd waterfall, I turned back. Sue went on to see Kobeeno-taki.



We drove to another valley, Nakanomata-Keikoku to see Yasuno-taki. It was raining on and off, and we stayed in our car for a while. We were not sure if we will come back here if we miss this chance, and started to follow the trail in the rain. The rain let up as we went.


The trail was just beautiful. And Yasuno-taki was magnificent. There was a little sunshine, and we saw a rainbow across the waterfall.






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